Large bronze signal cannon

A very handsome 19th century bronze cannon on a superbly made original carriage. The barrel features a pin sight and detachable touch hole cap as well as an integrated threaded column for precise vertical adjustment through a bronze wheel fitted on the base of the carriage. Comes with a set of composite loading tools: Powder shovel, grinder and cleaning club.
The adjustment mechanism is fully operational. Some wear on the wheels, otherwise good condition. 
Length of the barrel 95cm, width across trunnions 30cm, calibre 58mm (1lb.), outer muzzle diameter 9cm, length overall 115cm, maximum width (rear axle) 68cm, max heigth 52cm, thickness of the carriage walls 6cm. Weight including carriage 120kg.
Guns of this style are not that unusual, but the size of this example is extraordinary.

Item A340. SOLD.